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Self Advocacy
People First Of Kingston
What is People First?
People First is a Kingston area based self-advocacy group for people with disabilities.

What do we do?
We are socially active in the community to promote equality, dignity, and acceptance, for those with disabilities. We meet every second Tuesday of the month to discuss issues such as: current events, advocacy, social justice, and equal rights.

The History of People First
People First of Canada was first formed in 1973,by a group of men and women living in institutions. They wanted to live in the community, and make choices for themselves.
In 1979 The Association for Community Living held its general meeting and self advocacy information sessions. It was then that founders Peter Park, Pat Worth, and Barb Goode were brought together.
From that point on the group met regularly to address equal rights issues of people with disabilities. People First has played a large role in the de-institutionalization movement. Since then they have been active fighting for civil rights.
Issues Addressed by People First
Equal work for equal pay
Right to marry
The use of labels and the ‘R’ word
Ongoing lawsuits against institutions
Civil injustice

Contact Information
If you are interested in membership or donation please contact us at (613) 484-2469
or PeopleFirstKingstonChapter@gmail.com
Current Members
Charlie Thompson- President
Reed Koenders- Vice President
Trina Smith- Secretary
Aida Arruda- Treasurer
Adrienne Kurji
Peter North
Gary Street
Colin Wood
Erica Dennis
Mary-Anne Gallagher
Joe O’Neil
Keith Stewart
Joanne Stewart
Ian Bruce
Peter Burns
Mark Burns
John Mayne- Youth Representative

The next member can be you!
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