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Community Inclusion Programs

In early 1992, the volunteer Board of Directors of Community Living Kingston and District met face to face with 120 service users, family members and Association employees. Together, they decided to reform the sheltered workshop program they had operated since 1965. Both the Association and Board thought that a more viable alternative could be found than the sheltered workshop programs. At this time the Association was operating a sheltered workshop for approximately 93 people, many of whom had been there since its inception.

From this initial view, Community Options began and grew to where its is today providing "non-vocational" community based alternatives for adults with a developmental disability.


Our Community Inclusion Programs currently support over 130 individuals to access the Kingston community. Here are some of the types of supports that we provide:

  • Over 75% of Community Inclusion Program participants are volunteers at other non-profit organizations. Opportunities include volunteering at hospitals, schools, seniors facilities, food banks, and many others. We are currently partnered with over forty other organizations to provide volunteer opportunities.
  • Sport and recreation supports, including fitness programs, sports (such as curling, golf, and snowboarding), dance and music groups, and community excursions
  • Education, skill building, and general interest supports. We facilitate a number of activities designed to increase an individual’s independence, such as cooking and community awareness groups. We have also recently partnered with three local museums to develop educational programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
  • Supports geared specifically towards senior-aged individuals.
  • The majority of our supports are offered between 8:30am and 3:30pm. However, we also provide supports in the evenings and on weekends.

Our goal and mission is to ensure that individuals are involved in the community as much as possible. However, while our supports are primarily based in the community, we do offer supports at three different program sites across Kingston.

If you would like more information about Community Inclusion Programs please contact Janet Barry (613) 546-6613 ext. 259 


We have two awesome videos that profile our program

Click here to see Michelle's story

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